Student Blogs and Commenting Skills

Every student in Mr. Salsich’s class now has their own blog! You can visit the home page for student blogs here.

To get us started on blogging and commenting, we did a “Paper Blog” activity.  Each of us wrote, typed, and printed a rough draft of our first blog post and then decorated it with a border.

Paper Blog

Paper Blog


Then we walked around and left comments on the blogs using sticky notes. 

Posting comments

Posting comments


We talked a lot about how to leave a quality comment.

A comment should keep the conversation and the learning going. We don’t want to write “dead-end” comments that just say things like “Cool!”  These are dead-end comments because they are hard to respond to and they don’t open the conversation up.

Instead, we want to write “highway” comments that keep the conversation going and maybe take the post in new directions. Highway comments may have questions, connections, or suggestions in them. And they definitely have specific details and clear, correct writing.

Here is a link to a document with more tips for leaving a great comment.


Below is a slide show of some of our paper blogs and us commenting on them:


Please check out our student blogs, and leave one of us a “highway” comment! We will be sure to reply back!


What did you think of our paper blog activity?

What are some things you can include in your comment to be sure it is a “highway” comment?

What else should you be sure to do when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog?

Mystery Skype Call – San Jose, CA.

On Friday we did our first Mystery Skype call.

A Mystery Skype call is when two classes Skype each other, but neither one knows where the other is located. The mission is to figure out where the other class is simply by asking “yes” or “no” questions.

Our Mystery Skypers

Our Mystery Skypers

We split into different groups, with different jobs, to accomplish our mission.


Here is a video that shows the Skype call in action:


We had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and had plenty of ideas for how to improve on out next Mystery Skype Call.

Thank you to Mrs. McConnell’s and Mrs. Monger’s class for Skyping with us! (We will be working with them again very soon, when we start The Global Read Aloud next week! Stay tuned for more about that…)


Here is a great link to more information about Mystery Skype calls.


What are some important questions that could help us discover where someone is?

What did you like about the Mystery Skype call?

What “Attitudes of Success” did we have to use during the call?



Attitudes For Success

In the first couple of weeks of school we talked a lot about attitudes for success. These are ways of thinking and acting that will help us accomplish our goals. 

The attitudes we focused on were:








We worked on some projects and activities to learn more about these attitudes. 

Three of the attitudes that were a little new to us were; Self-awareness, Adaptability, and Perseverance.

Using footage from a math activity and a problem-solving activity, we made a video to share our ideas about these important attitudes. 

(If the video is loading slowly, try clicking the HD button off in the lower right corner.)

This video was made on one of our iPads, using the iMovie app. We will be making many more videos in the future as we get better at using the app.


What are your thoughts about these attitudes?

Can you share an example from your life when you’ve had to use adaptability or perseverance?

How does self-awareness help you accomplish your goals?


Welcome to a New Year and a New Blog!

Welcome to our brand new blog! This blog will be a place for Mr. Salsich’s 5th grade class to share our learning and connect with others.

We are a class of 24 smart, creative students.



Our school is located in Connecticut, USA

We live in a beautiful coastal town about halfway between New York City and Boston.



Our Blog

Our blog will be a journal of what we are learning in class (and out of class). It will be a place for students to express themselves and share what we have created – from writing and art, to science and math, etc.

The blog will also be a place for us to connect to other students around the world. We will exchange ideas and learning with peers near and far.


What is a Blog?

The video below – “What is a Blog?” – does a fantastic job of explaining blogs and educational blogging.


Check back soon, and often, for posts about our amazing learning adventures! The best way to keep up to date with our blog is to subscribe by email using the widget on the top right sidebar.